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IRS Problems
  IRS Problems
  • Resolve Tax Liabilities
  • Release IRS Lien
  • End Wage Garnishment
  • Payroll Taxes
  • IRS Audit


Resolve Tax Liabilities

 It is very common for taxpayers to owe tax liabilities to the IRS. It can be a very frightening time but if you have a professional on your side there is hope. Almost everything is negotiable with the IRS – and if you have our specialists on your side you will be in a much stronger position against them. Tax Resolution Specialists has decades of experience negotiating with the IRS. Our tax experts will carefully review your case and work for you to reduce or remove your tax liability.


Release an IRS Lien

 If you have unpaid taxes the IRS is able to file a Federal Tax Lien. A Federal Tax Lien has priority on all of your real property and personal property and gives the IRS the right to seize and sell such property. The IRS will release a Federal Tax Lien only when it is fully satisfied. The good news is that a Federal Tax Lien can also be withdrawn if certain conditions apply. Our tax experts are very well versed in all the nuances of the process and will be apply to ensure your lien is legitimate and that the IRS followed all of the mandated guidelines in filing your lien.


End Wage Garnishment Now

The IRS has the ability to contact your employer and require them to send a portion of each of your paychecks directly to the IRS to offset taxes that you owe. The IRS can and will garnish your paycheck until your tax liability is fully satisfied. At Tax Resolution Specialists we will work with the IRS to negotiate the full or partial release of the wage garnishment if you qualify for relief.


IRS Payroll Taxes

If you are a business owner the IRS requires that you withhold Federal Income Tax, Social Security and Medicare taxes from your employees' wages. If you have not paid these taxes the IRS will aggressively go after you to collect. In addition, the IRS can assess penalties which can drastically increase the amount owed in a very short period of time. This puts both you and your business at risk. If you owe IRS Payroll Taxes, Tax Resolution Specialists can help by creating a plan to resolve the debt and negotiating on your behalf with the IRS.


IRS Audit

The most common IRS audits are letters requesting more information and supporting documentation from tax returns that have been filed. As a rule changes will need to be made to the return. Tax Resolutions Specialists are here with over 30 years of experience to assist you in any of these IRS issues and more.

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